Company overview
Company overview

Northern Health is founded and run by a team of GPs and supported by business professionals.

Our services include the responsive placement of highly skilled GPs into Urgent Treatment Centres [UTC] 24/7, 365 days a year. We operate in local hospitals in the Yorkshire area and across the UK supporting the management of A&E waiting lists and enhancing patient care.

Our core aim is to support the NHS by providing high quality medical staff and facilities - delivering support to patients and the local community. We ensure that our services are:

Safe Caring Responsive Effective Well-led

Peter Seaton
Meet Peter Seaton,
our General Manager.

Peter is passionate about customer service, innovation and business development.

Amelia Owens
Meet Amelia Owens,
our Project Manager.

Amelia gets things done, using her project management skills while keeping a busy office running.

Amelia Owens
Meet David Niman,
our Admin Officer.

David uses his skills to make the office run more efficiently. He is passionate about innovation and creativity.

Dr Sadiq Anjum
Meet Dr Sadiq Anjum,
one of our Medical Directors.

Dr Anjum provides clinical leadership and has worked at Pontefract Urgent Treatment Centre for the past 3 years.

Meet Dr Awais Khan,
one of our Medical Directors.

Dr Khan is passionate about digital health technology and the positive impacts it makes on the NHS.

Idrees Khan
Meet Idrees Khan,
our Finance Manager.

Idrees works to ensure our doctors are paid accurately and on time.

Our Mission

Passion for healing.

Our Vision

To make the UK population healthier as the market leader of innovative healthcare services.

Our Values
Putting the patient at the centre Strong focus on innovation Delivery focused Professionalism World Class services
Our Structure

Medical staffing

Our medical staffing division recruits and places highly skilled medical staff across the North Yorkshire area and increasing over the UK.

Healthcare services

Our healthcare services work in integration with our partners to deliver new care models as part of multi-disciplinary clinical teams.

Digital Health

We are setting up a new business start-up as a joint venture to develop and market innovative Digital Health solutions across the UK.

Maximise return on investment and profitability

In support of reinvestment into innovation and improved health outcomes.

Improve operating quality and efficiency

To enhance patient care.

Grow high-value customer relationships

To shape our healthcare services around customer need.

Accelerate innovation for commercial advantage

To enhance healthcare service delivery.

Create a high-performance business culture

To enable us to move increasingly toward World Class service delivery.

Daily Jobs

We offer responsive job placements at prestigious and well-respected hospitals and other high quality clinical settings.

Competitive Rates

Our business efficiencies and low overheads are passed onto our competitive rates.

Travel Packages

We provide placements near to your home to mimimise your commute time.


Long-term and sustainable assignments available. Training and development support and free of charge continous professional development.

OVER 150,000