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Employment Checks

Pre-employment checking seeks to verify that an individual meets the pre-conditions of the role they are applying for.

There are six NHS Employment Check Standards that outline the type and level of checks employers must carry out before recruiting staff into NHS positions.

Please fill out the form below and provide the neccessary documentation to help us complete your checks. Note that NHS employers do not hold any information about individuals who are working or have worked in the NHS.


Personal identification checks

Checking a candidate’s identity is the most fundamental of all the pre-employment requirements, as it forms the basis of all other checks.

Asset 1
Professional registration & qualification checks

Professional registration (where relevant to the post) and qualification checks need to be carried out for all prospective NHS employees.

Asset 5
Employment history & reference checks

This allows employers to gain a better picture about an individual’s previous employment, training etc.

Asset 2
Right to work check

It is a legal requirement that NHS organisations must verify a candidate’s right to work in the UK.

Asset 3
Work health assessment

Employers will health screen staff in order to assess whether they are capable and fit to undertake a role.

Asset 6
Criminal record checks

Criminal record checks help employers ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working in the NHS.